Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fed Up New Jersey

I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, wait, I take that back..........I left for three years and moved to Maryland. I had to return do to family matters. I am so so sick of all the crap that goes on here. We have extremely high homeowner taxes, car insurance, sales tax, and the list goes on. We are known for major corruption in government and organized crime.
And the people! Well, the people are so stressed out that the word "friendly" is not in our dictionary.

Now I'm not talking about ALL the people. But anyone that lives here has to admit, that when you travel south of us, you can actually FEEL the difference in how you are treated. I know, I know, your saying "then move". Well, I'd love to move. However, my occuption and my age are a big reason why I can't just sell my home and leave.

Every morning I listen to a radio station, where the guy talks about the "crap" that is going on in our State. People have been fighting the corruption and high cost of living problems for years. However, it's never going to change. I sell Real Estate and almost every one of my customers that are selling this year, are not upsizing or downsizing.....................they are all leaving!!!!

Well, I have to run for now, but before I go, I like to say that I'd like to start this blog and form a group. A group that will be known as "FED UP NEW JERSEY" or 'FU NEW JERSEY".
So let's get blogging, and coming up with ideas to let NJ know we are all fed up!!!!!!!!!


Analytic Spectator said...

I too live in New Jersey and can understand your frustration. However, I often wonder that no matter where we move, will we have complaints? Is the old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side, applicable?
We definately have alot of problems here in NJ, but at the same time (and I can see you are confused about it too) there is something about this place that stands out from the rest. I mean, look at how many songs, movie stars, famous places, are here. WHY? There is something GOOD about NJ, yet the bad IS starting to overtake the good. Will it get better or worse?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy! Here's FANTASTIC NEWS for those of you who don't know about it.
Get involved in pushing the politicians to pass the Fair Tax bill (HR25/S 25) It does away with federal income and payroll taxes completely by replacing it with taxes paid on new (not used) merchandise. With this bill, corporations will no longer have tax loopholes and illegal immigrants will pay their share through purchases of new items. If you are in the 23 percent income tax bracket, the feds take $23 out of your paycheck for every $100 you earn. Just think of how much that would help you out if you could put that extra money in the bank to cover your ridiculous property taxes. And, just think how much work, stress and money you would save not having to file a federal income tax return anymore. If anyone wants the full run down on it, they can go to Love your blog, Charyl