Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unless you are one of the ELECTED, you are one of the EJECTED!!

I received one of those politcally informative emails the other day, that quite simply made me sick. Actually this is something that we all should already have realized but I never really gave it alot of thought until now. It was regarding Social Security. Now you all know our plight with what is becomming of SS. Alot of us who have not reached a certain age as of yet, are contributing our money to something that we are told "will come back to us". However, now we are being told that it won't be comming back to us. Our children, who are working and paying into SS are in even worse shape then we are. I could go on and on about how no one can survive on SS when they are old, alone, and unable to work. I can go on about how we work our whole lives to end up poor and maybe even homeless (unless of course we are millionares). But instead I would like to focus on this particular point that this email made.

Years ago, our government decided to put into place a policy "for themselves". Now since they are the decision makers, what the hell can we do to stop them? That policy constructed a plan so that THEY do not get Social Security. They do not pay into Social Security. Making it so that their paychecks are not smaller every pay day, and that when they retire, they get a pension of some sort (I haven't looked thoroughly into it yet) that gives them the ability to COLLECT about the same income they were getting when they were working. NOW, these are the people who also came up with the plan to take care of US when we retire "SOCIAL SECURITY". Our plan consists of a life long deduction from our paychecks and then a retirement of about an average of $1000/mth to survive. Now our social security is running out. And we are depending on those very people to help us and make decisions to fix this problem.
People are homeless and dying because they do not have enough money to survive or adequate health coverage to keep the healthy and alive.
I'M SO FREAKIN CONFUSED!!!! HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN???? That particular email that I have been referring to that brought this to my attention, rallys to get people to refuse to vote one more politician into office that does not support a bill MAKING their current retirement policy NULL AND VOID and making every politician put into AND collect social security JUST LIKE US.
Impossible, I know.......................but imagine how quickley our Social Security problems would be rectified then. If it does not affect them, then why should they go full force into saving our lives. If what happens to us, happens to them, watch how quickley things would change.

Anyway, just a political rant!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Townships are running amuk!!!

I can not believe how the Federal Goverment does not pay much attention to what the State Goverment does, as the State Goverment does not pay "ANY" attention to what the town municipalities are doing.
I am a realtor, and I have run across some real shady goings on in some of these towns. When a resident sells their home they must get a C of O (certificate of occupancy). They were established many many years ago, for safety reasons. The town C of O officer would come out to make sure smoke detectors were placed properly, railings on banisters were present and secure, etc.
Many years ago, in Keansburg NJ, the town officer started failing people for having dark painted rooms and old carpet. First they would charge the seller (homeowner) about $25. for the inspection. Then when they found things that they refused to accept, they'd make them fix the items, and order another re-inspection for another $25. This, of course, had to be on their time schedule (maybe 2 more weeks or more). This in turn would cause a major problem with the sale of the house, as it would postpone the closing and the buyers were packed and ready to move. Then the buyers and sellers would start fighting.
Especially in a town like Keansburg, many of the home sales were people who didn't have the money to REPAINT THE INTERIOR OF THEIR HOUSE, OR PUT IN BRAND NEW CARPETING.
Disgusted by this and the fact that the C of O inspector had an attitude like he was GOD and would really mess with you if you complained, I finally wrote a letter to the governer. These goings on were wrong.
2 months later I received a letter from the governor's office saying "we have no jurisdiction over township C of O's".

Well, here it is 6 years later, and today I visited the C of O office in Keansburg. They now hand out a paper saying OFFICER HOURS: ONLY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - (9:00am to 12:00). For an inspection scheduled more than 10 days from now $125.00.
For an inspection between 4 and 10 days from now $150.00. For a 4 day inspection $200.

Well, I'm tired so I am going to turn in now. But I'd like to see these townships completely overhauled by the Federal government......................AND FIRE THESE JERKOFF C OF O INSPECTORS!!!